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Ian Wright
Ian Wright

[S6E6] Welcome To The Doll House [EXCLUSIVE]

Josh Flagg receives good news this episode in the form of a listing (imaginary or real, it's hard to tell). Long time client Jason (a foreign businessman) owns a beautiful home in Hidden Valley that unfortunately he just doesn't want anymore. The problems of the rich! He asks Josh to sell the home (located at 2200 White Stallion Road), a 10,000 sq. ft. beauty, with 6 beds/9 baths, a saltwater pool, a dog house with central air, and a human-sized doll house, all located on 20 acres. Josh suggests a listing price in the $11 million range, but Jason tells him the house is worth at least $13 million. Josh relents and agrees to list the house at $12.9 million.

[S6E6] Welcome to the Doll House



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