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Third, Congress should send a strong abstinence message coupled with education about contraception. Surveys of both adults and teens reveal strong support for abstinence as the preferred standard of behavior for school-age youth, and they want teens to hear this message. At the same time, a majority is in favor of making birth control services and information available to teens who are sexually active. In addition, few expect all unmarried adults in their twenties to abstain from sex until marriage. And since a large proportion of non-marital births occurs in this age group, and a significant number of teens continue to be sexually active, education about and access to reproductive health services remains important through Title X of the Public Health Service Act, the Medicaid program, and other federal and state programs.

Cute schoolgirl having group sex in school lock...

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Due to her low financial status, Naoto was initially apathetic towards Mikoto. But despite having just arrived at his school, she completely eclipsed him in everything by consistently scoring top marks in exams and placing first in athletic events. After a brief confrontation with her that left him shocked, Naoto vowed to outdo her no matter the cost.

With budget of $1.5 million and a fan-favorite starring actress, this film was shot in less than one month in Toronto, Canada. Director Paul Lynch directed many other works, including a few episodes on The Twilight Zone horror fantasy television series. Similar to Carrie (1974), this storyline follows a prank gone wrong that leads a killer to seek the ultimate revenge. The plot begins with a group of middle school kids who bullied a young girl until she fell to her death. They decide to keep this tragedy a secret until someone from the past confronts them on prom night.

Horror Stories is an omnibus of four shorts by different Korean directors. The overarching frame is similar to One Thousand and One Nights, in which a girl tells stories to survive against a killer. In this frame, Ji-won, a high school student, is abducted by a handsome mute boy who tells her that he can't sleep unless he's scared; only then do his psychotic urges calm. Right, so he's cute but just a little bonkers. He promises her he'll release her if she tells him scary stories.

If you want some blood and gore to refresh your palate, might I offer up this little film? South Korea takes its education seriously and exam season is always stressful for students. Here, the stakes are even higher when a group of high school students who are taking an exam prep class find themselves in a test for their lives instead. They become trapped in the class by a lunatic who forces them to answer a series of riddles. For every question they get wrong, one of them will die (and not in a very quick way either). As the students panic, the motives of the killer are slowly revealed.

Alex comes back down after pretending to be Spencer looking for Ezra. Ezra and Spencer try to get her to stop by they both fail. Spencer works out that it isn't about torturing her friends anymore, it's about Alex wanting Spencer's life which is why Spencer is trapped. Alex reveals that she was at the blind school when Spencer got shot, Sydney was a one-off but Jenna earned her respect. Jenna knew Charlotte had a sister, and was desperate to be able to see so she offered to help Alex. Alex paid for her surgery but Jenna was still blind and then became useless to Alex. Spencer asks about Sara Harvey, who Alex says told her Charlotte hid her "greatest treasure" in The Radley; the file the girls found about Charles organs implying his death. Alex details how she met Charlotte through Wren from Radley files. Alex reveals that torturing Alison into a mental hospital was all Dunhill's idea after Charlotte died, he convinced Mary that it's what Charlotte wanted. She says that Archer, Charlotte, Wren and Alex were a tight knit group of friends before Charlotte went back to Rosewood because she missed toying with The Liars. Before leaving, Charlotte gave Alex a Patsy Cline vinyl. Charlotte never came back so Alex went to Rosewood and instead found her grave, found out she was murdered and that's how the game started with her as A.D. Spencer knows that she is alive because she is Alex's family, but questions what's happening with Ezra. Alex implies that she is going to kill him.

Alex leaves and continues playing the role of Spencer. She goes to see Spencer's horse but freaks it out, as it can tell she's not Spencer. Toby arrives due to the horse being stressed out and she leaves instead. The girls are looking for things that don't make sense about Ezra leaving, Aria finds a packed bag but no Ezra. A person called Davis David turns up and reveals that Ezra booked a hot air balloon ride for them in the morning, this confuses the girls even more, as things are pointing to him wanting to get married. Jenna and Veronica talk outside of a shop. Veronica leaves and Jenna talks to Alex before she leaves. Having worked it out from senses, Jenna tells Toby that Spencer isn't actually Spencer. The girls gather around Caleb at Ezra and Aria's apartment, he found out that Ezra hasn't spent money since he texted Aria. Toby walks in to inform them that "Spencer" gave him a notebook that Spencer had been consistently writing in all the time. When he opened it, it was completely empty. Along with information from Jenna, he came up with the conclusion that Spencer has a twin. Emily realizes that Spencer's twin would be Charlotte's half-sister, Caleb adds that she would have motive to be A.D. with her sister's murder. Mona is in The Brew, watching the group discuss Spencer having an "evil twin" from a camera. She calls Alex, asking who she is and where she is.

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