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Aviator Pin-Up: A Fun and Easy Game for Everyone

Aviator Pin-Up: A Retro and Glamorous Style Inspired by Aviation

If you love vintage fashion, airplanes, and pin-up girls, you might be interested in aviator pin-up. Aviator pin-up is a style that combines the charm and allure of classic pin-up models with the adventurous and heroic spirit of aviation. In this article, we will explore the history, style, art, and clothing of aviator pin-up, and show you how you can enjoy this unique and fun aesthetic.

The History of Aviator Pin-Up

Aviator pin-up has its roots in the 1930s and 1940s, when aviation was a new and exciting field that captured the imagination of many people. During World War II, many pilots decorated their planes with paintings of beautiful women, often in provocative poses and outfits. These paintings were called nose art or bomber art, and they served as a way to boost morale, express individuality, and identify aircrafts. Some of the most famous nose art images were inspired by popular pin-up models and actresses of the time, such as Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, and Jane Russell.

aviator pin-up

After the war, the popularity of aviation and pin-up continued to grow, especially in the 1950s. Many magazines, comics, posters, calendars, and advertisements featured aviator pin-up themes, depicting glamorous women posing with airplanes or wearing aviation-inspired clothing. Some of these women were real-life pilots or flight attendants, while others were fictional characters or fantasy creations. Aviator pin-up also influenced the design of airline pilot uniforms, which adopted a naval-style look with black trousers, double-breasted blazers, and white caps.

The Style of Aviator Pin-Up

The style of aviator pin-up is based on the fashion trends of the 1930s to 1950s, with some modern twists. The main elements of aviator pin-up style are:

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  • Colors: The colors of aviator pin-up are usually bright and bold, such as red, blue, yellow, green, and white. These colors reflect the colors of airplanes, flags, uniforms, and insignia.

  • Patterns: The patterns of aviator pin-up are often geometric or graphic, such as stripes, stars, checks, polka dots, or logos. These patterns add contrast and interest to the outfits.

  • Fabrics: The fabrics of aviator pin-up are usually sturdy and durable, such as cotton, denim, leather, or wool. These fabrics are suitable for flying or working in an airplane.

  • Cuts: The cuts of aviator pin-up are usually fitted and flattering, accentuating the curves and shapes of the body. Some common cuts are pencil skirts, high-waisted trousers, crop tops, halter tops, wrap dresses, swing dresses, or jumpsuits.

  • Accessories: The accessories of aviator pin-up are usually inspired by aviation or military items, such as goggles, scarves, hats, helmets, wings, badges, patches, or belts. These accessories add personality and flair to the outfits.

The Art of Aviator Pin-Up

The art of aviator pin-up is a form of illustration that depicts women in aviator-themed settings or costumes. The art of aviator pin-up is usually colorful, dynamic, and playful, showing a sense of humor and fantasy. The art of aviator pin-up can be found in various media, such as paintings, drawings, comics, posters, calendars, or stickers.

Some of the famous artists who have created aviator pin-up art are: - Romain Hugault: A French comic artist who specializes in aviation and pin-up themes. He is the author of the Pin-up Wings series, which features stunning illustrations of pin-up girls and airplanes. - Alberto Vargas: A Peruvian illustrator who is considered one of the most influential pin-up artists of all time. He worked for Esquire, Playboy, and Hollywood studios, creating iconic images of pin-up girls, some of which were used as nose art by US military pilots . - Greg Hildebrandt: An American artist who is known for his fantasy and sci-fi paintings, as well as his pin-up art. He has created several aviator pin-up artworks, such as Airborne Bombshell, Flying Mermaid, and Sky Girl. The Clothing of Aviator Pin-Up

If you want to dress up like an aviator pin-up girl, you have many options to choose from. You can find clothing and accessories that are inspired by aviator pin-up style in various online shops, such as Etsy, Aviator Nation, or Pinup Girl Clothing. Here are some of the clothing items and accessories that you can wear to achieve the aviator pin-up look:

Clothing Item


Leather jacket

A classic item that can give you a cool and edgy vibe. You can choose a plain leather jacket or one with patches, logos, or fur collar.

Bomber jacket

A military-style jacket that can keep you warm and cozy. You can choose a bomber jacket with a zipper, buttons, or snaps, and with or without pockets.

Flight suit

A one-piece garment that can make you look like a real pilot. You can choose a flight suit with a zipper, buttons, or snaps, and with or without pockets.

Swing dress

A feminine and flirty dress that can flatter your figure. You can choose a swing dress with a fitted bodice and a full skirt, and with or without sleeves.

Pencil skirt

A sexy and sophisticated skirt that can hug your curves. You can choose a pencil skirt with a high waist and a slit, and with or without pockets.

Crop top

A cute and casual top that can show off your midriff. You can choose a crop top with a round neck, v-neck, or halter neck, and with or without sleeves.


A chic and comfortable outfit that can cover your whole body. You can choose a jumpsuit with a zipper, buttons, or snaps, and with or without pockets.


A fun and functional accessory that can protect your eyes from the wind. You can choose goggles with clear or tinted lenses, and with or without straps.


A stylish and versatile accessory that can add some color to your outfit. You can choose a scarf with a solid color or a pattern, and tie it around your neck, head, or waist.

HatA cool and cute accessory that can complete your look. You can choose a hat with a brim or a cap, and with or without a logo.


Aviator pin-up is a style that celebrates the beauty and bravery of women who love aviation. It combines the retro glamour of pin-up models with the adventurous spirit of pilots. Whether you are interested in the history, style, art, or clothing of aviator pin-up, you can find plenty of resources and inspiration online. Aviator pin-up is more than just a fashion trend; it is a way to express your personality and passion for flying.


Here are some frequently asked questions about aviator pin-up:

  • What is the difference between aviator pin-up and rockabilly?Aviator pin-up and rockabilly are both styles that are influenced by the 1950s culture. However, aviator pin-up focuses more on aviation themes, while rockabilly focuses more on music themes. Aviator pin-up is also more colorful and graphic, while rockabilly is more dark and edgy.What are some some of the movies or shows that feature aviator pin-up?

Some of the movies or shows that feature aviator pin-up are:

  • The Rocketeer (1991): A movie that follows the adventures of a pilot who finds a jetpack and becomes a superhero. The movie features Jennifer Connelly as Jenny Blake, a pin-up actress who wears a stunning white dress and a red scarf.

Pan Am (2011): A TV series that depicts the lives of four flight attendants working for Pan American World Airways in the 1960s. The series features Christina Ricci,


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