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High School (2022) Subtitles

In the 2022-2023 school year, LCPS will continue the incentive program for instructional substitutes with increased pay for days worked beyond 25 in the current school year and an increased daily rate for "high volume days". For more information, see below! For information about regular pay rates, please go to Payment of Substitutes.

High School (2022) subtitles

A number of longitudinal studies have come out of the SLS project in India. Kothari and Bandyopadhyay (2014) evaluated the impact of SLS after sustaining it for 5 years on a weekly hour-long programme of Hindi film songs telecast nationally in prime time. Among school children who could not read a single letter in Hindi at the baseline (2002), 70% in the high-SLS viewing group became functional readers by the endline (2007) as compared to 34% in the low-SLS group. In the 15+ age group, 14% in the high-SLS and 5% in the low-SLS group went from non-decoding to functional-reading. Adults gained too but children benefited substantially more in what can be described as a schooling + SLS effect.

PlanetRead (2018b) conducted a year-long study in 10 primary schools in rural Delhi serving children in Grades 1-5 from low-income families. In 5 treatment schools, the teachers showed all the children in Grades 1-4, 30 minutes of animated stories in Hindi with SLS, three times a week. From a comparable starting point, the average reading score in the treatment schools was 70% higher than the control schools. The impact of the intervention on reading was most apparent in Grades 2-3, pointing again to the strong complementarity of SLS, during the early stages of reading acquisition.

Acaro Jiménez, Lorena Mishel (2019). The effects of watching videos with and without English subtitles as a supplementary material to foster the writing productive skill of EFL in a high school. A comparative study. Trabajo de titulación: Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja.

Baranowska, Karolina (2022). Exposure to English as a foreign language through subtitled videos. The impact of subtitles and modality on cognitive load, comprehension, and vocabulary acquisition. Ph.D. Thesis: Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan.

Liao, Sixin & Yu, Lili & Kruger, Jan-Louis & Reichle, Erik D. (2022). The impact of audio on the reading of intralingual versus interlingual subtitles. Evidence from eye movements. Applied Psycholinguistics 43.1, 237-269.

A high school nerd tries to win back his girlfriend by selling ecstasy to his classmates. Soon he is too successful and finds himself running a business called MyDrugs on the darknet that blows up into a full-time operation whose consequences get bigger and bigger. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is based on a true story.

East Los High is a Hulu original that follows a group of Latino teens based in East Los Angeles. This PG-13 drama centers around romance, dance, and struggle as the group of teens complete their final years of high school. The series is designed to encourage young students to make healthy life choices. East Los High is one of the first Spanish shows on Hulu to have an all Latino cast and crew! Check out the trailer today.

LeTourneau University's dual enrollment program allows high school students who have at least a 3.0 high school GPA to earn college credit as they complete the requirements for their high school degree. We offer our LeTourneau Dual Enrollment classes at a competitive $90 per credit hour.

Attend classes online, at select high schools or at LeTourneau's main campus in Longview, Texas. You do not need to be enrolled at a partner high school to take classes through LeTourneau. See a full list of locations and classes.

Sharleen Hunt, Director for Dual Credit Partnerships at LeTourneau University, introduces our Dual Credit program to parents of high school students and shares about our incredible dual credit $68,000 scholarship.

LeTourneau is a four-year university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and schools. Credits should have no difficulty transferring. If you know the college you plan to attend post-high school, you may want to inquire as to their specific requirements.

The Preuss School UC San Diego is a unique charter middle and high school for low-income scholars who strive to become the first in their families to graduate from college. Located on the UC San Diego campus, nearly 100% of graduates of The Preuss School go on to higher education. Recognized as the best high school in the county by U.S. News & World Report, we are empowering scholars, elevating families and transforming communities.

This documentary is set in the Dominican Republic & follows the story of 2 teen prospects for the MLB. It has tons of Afro-Latinx representation & pairs well with the book Felipe Alou. I personally used this movie for years, and my high school students (especially sports fans) loved it. It is a nice real-people option that appeals to the hard-to-please boys. It is not rated, but I would say it is PG, with a couple of swear words you could skip if needed. Read more in this Pelotero blog post. Here is my new TPT Pelotero TPT Guideor Pelotero Movie Guide for Spanish Class.

Bonus 2 there is a newer animated limited series on Netflix. Maya y los tres is set in precolonial Mesoamerica. It is fantasy but brings in many cultural elements of the diverse cultures that lived on the land that is now Mexico. It has nine episodes that are only about 30-35 minutes each and would be appropriate for elementary-high school Spanish. If you want to show one or more episodes, check out many resources in this new blog post. There is a guide on TPT or Maya guide here for episode 1 if you want to try it out. The 32-minute first episode would be a great one-day sub-plan.

Caídos del mapa (PG, 1h 35min)Four junior high students hide out while skipping a class, and are interrupted by the schoolmate in this movie, based on the first book of an Argentine Young Adult series by María Inés Falconi. (Currently on Netflix.)Themes: Argentina, adventure, friendship.

Five days to dance (1h 19min)A group of high schoolers in Spain have five intense days prepare a choreographed work for a community event. They work with two choreographers, learning to dance and work together. Very well done. (Click on the link to access the show.)Themes: Spain, dance, friendship, identity.

My Spanish 1B 8th graders enjoyed these 2 movies:Walk Out based on true story of high school students fighting for their civil rights in the '70's.Mariachi High (I'm pretty sure that is the name) documentary about a Texas high school mariachi band. Great music! Great story! One of my student's favorites.

Sin Nombre is good, showed it to middle school, its rated R, there is a sexual scene in the beginning so skip that, and there is a lot of swearing, I cover the subtitles, there are stretches where the language is fine. It's definately on the violent side, but again enough stretches of story line to show students.

Honestly, I'm pretty shocked you showed this to middle school students.There are two very graphic rape scenes and a huge amount of violence.I wouldn't show this to my high school students even with a permission slip.Absolutely not worth the professional risk and more so, not worth the potential to traumatize students.

If you are having laptop password issues, please watch the following video on how to update your information. It may be best to try this method at home using your personal Wi-Fi. Please keep in mind, the district is still working out the kinks in our school wifi. Make sure the subtitles are on when watching the video. 041b061a72


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