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Ian Wright
Ian Wright

Queen For Two DaysGirls : Season 5 Episode 5 [WORK]

Any episode that allows close focus and a big moment for Shosh is a great one in my book. "Queen for Two Days" fit that bill, and more. Shosh's character arc is the most interesting thing about this season, so far.

Queen for Two DaysGirls : Season 5 Episode 5

So naturally, with the highly anticipated final episode of the season airing this Tuesday, it would be silly to spend this night in your normal viewing stance at home on the couch. Charlotte is a city that knows it's residents, and when the people call, she answers. This time she answered by providing a handful of Bachelor finale viewing parties for you to flaunt your reality tv-loving self. After-all, a Bachelor finale is meant to be dramatic, so let us point you in the direction of the best places that you can be just as dramatic this Tuesday night. 041b061a72


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