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Ian Wright
Ian Wright

2010 Roblox.txt

The 2010 Roblox Visor is the foruth annual visor released on Janurary 4th 2010 and, like all of the previous year's visors, was taken off early next year in 2011, with 189509 sold. The 2010 Roblox Visor brings back the color scheme from 2007 where the year's color surrounded most of the hat with the Roblox text being white once again.

2010 roblox.txt


The Genio Qwerty is known as the CorbyTXT outside the UK, and we can see why -- although sharp creases, and possibly mantyhose, are in for spring 2010 (you heard it here first), any mental association with the Corby trouser press will definitely not attract the yoof market. 041b061a72


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